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Did you know about the many positive effects of a massage?

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Massages have not only one, but a whole lot of effects on the human body. The muscles are relaxed, blood circulation is stimulated and stress hormones are reduced. Furthermore, massages can have positive effects on body, soul and spirit, positively influence the autonomic nervous system, relieve skin and connective tissue, loosen adhesions and alleviate pain. As you can see, a massage treatment is a real "all-round talent" that serves several purposes at once.

A massage can help stimulate the release of positive neurotransmitters to relieve stress and promote relaxation. Endorphins are responsible for relieving anxiety and have a pain-relieving effect. Serotonin can give people a sense of well-being and helps combat depression. Finally, dopamine provides a feeling of motivation and enthusiasm. Massage helps stimulate the release of these positive hormones to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Studies prove this connection with high probability.

Benefit from these wonderful effects and book one of our many massages with Alice in our beauty salon.

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