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The miracle weapon: Microneedling

Who does not wish to improve his skin appearance from scratch? Thanks to advanced medicine, we are getting older and stay vital for a long time. Of course, we would also like to look like we feel. Unfortunately, we cannot stop the aging process of the skin. However, it is now possible to slow down the process a little - and this is exactly the strength of microneedling treatment. A natural method to improve the appearance of the skin in a gentle way. Meanwhile, there are several clinical studies that prove the effectiveness of this treatment.

Fine needles, which penetrate vertically into the tissue, stimulate the body's own regeneration of the skin and new collagen and elastic fibers are formed. After one treatment, the production of collagen and elastin increases by 400%. This gives the skin new tone and elasticity which leads to a great skin rejuvenation. Moisturization increases and thus minimizes fine wrinkles. In addition, the treatment can help to improve pigmentation disorders, acne scars, other scars, pore appearance of the skin and stretch marks. Besides that, we have a stunningly revitalized and glowy skin appearance during the dreary winter season.

Our Dermaneed device is also a patented device, made in Switzerland, which is less painful and extremely gentle on the skin. As a result, we hardly have a "down time" phase. This means one is very quickly socially fit again.

Our cosmetician Alain Ebner will be happy to give you more detailed information about our unique Dermaneed device, the microneedling cure concept and further information about the treatment. Best of You Aesthetics, the family cosmetic studio in Basel.

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